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Mongolia Travel Agency – Ecotourism for Eco Travelers

Mongolia, “the land“ of Adventure, Nature, History, Tradition, Harmony and Hospitality!

Join us on a trip and you will…

– experience how the life of a Mongolian nomad is.

– find out how endless and unique this country is.

– get closer to wild animals.

– touch an eagle or ride a Yak.

– see the sky in a different shade of blue.

– discover, how many stars the universe has.

– find your own dinosaur fossils.

– meet monks and shamans.

– discover more than you can imagine!

With us all this and more is possible for you, your 751300 licensed Travel Agency and Destination Management Company (DMC).
Life is too short to stay at home. 
Discover the world as Eco Travler and let the 
nature be your home.
(Hakan Haslaman the Eco Tourist)