The AMAROK Tours A and B are bookable from 5th May until 8th September with no limit on attendance.

The price set is per person for a shared tour. Shared tour means, that the Off-road car needs to be full with three travelers, which can be without relation to each other. This travelers also share the accommodation. The price includes the basic catering and accommodation of the entire tour. Excluded to the price are your flight to Mongolia and restaurant stay of the entire tours. This needs to be paid by every person by themselves. If you request a private tour or come with the family, ask for special prices. We can also offer a special price, if you participate to the tour with your own 4×4 car.

If you want to realize anohter special tour of your imagining, please contact us, because we can realize all your dreams in Mongolia. To your relief, our travel companions speaks Mongolian, Turkish, German and English.