Sightseeing Mongolia and Ulan Bator (Ulaanbaatar)Delux Tour
all inclusive*
2199 €

This Tour can be booked anytime between:
1st May - 1st October
– Welcome
– Pick you up from the Rail Station/Airport and bring to your apartment
1 until 2 day | Ulaanbaatar
– Suchbaatar Place and Parliament
– National Museum of Mongolian History
– Gandan Monastery (meeting Lama friend)
– Zaisan Memorial
3 until 5 day | Erdene Sum
– Eagles
– Tonyukuk Inscription
– Chonjin Boldog
– 13th Century Complex Fotoshooting
– Horse riding
– Shaman ceremony in the night
6 until 7 day | Karakorum
– Kharakhorum Museum
– Erdene zuu Monastery
– Historical Fotoshooting and Eagles
– Monument for Mongol States
– Orkhon Museum/Inscription (Bilge Khagan, Kul Tigin)
8 day | Ulaan Tsutgalan
– Orkhon Waterfall
9 until 10 day | Khotont village
– Participate to the Nomads life
– Make Airag
– Horse riding and drifting the herd
– Tuvkhun Khiid
– showers in medicinal spring water
– Ruins of Temple
– Khar balgas Ordu Baliq
11 until 12 day | Arkhangai Province
– Taikhar Rock, Riding Yaks
– Khoriin Togoo Mountain (volcano Mountain)
– Tsagaan Lake
13 until 15 day | Khuvsgul
– Visit Tsaatan Reindeer
– Blue Lake
16 until 17 day | Shveet Ulaan
– Balbal and Khan tomb of Ashina Clan
– Holy temple of 2nd Köktürk dynasty
– Enjoy the landscape
18 until 19 day | Khustain Nuruu National Park
– Back to Ulaanbaatar
– Khustain Nuruu National Park – Ongot Grave (Turkic Empire 552-742 B.C)
20 day | Ulaanbaatar
– Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs
– Hunnu Mountain – Shopping
21 day | Ulaanbaatar
– Time to say good bye
– back to the Rail Station/Airport
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*The price set is per person if minimum 2 persons booking this tour. If a single person is booking this tour, there is on top a surcharge from 399€ Euro for a private tour. The price includes the basic catering and accommodation (Apartment, Ger Camp or 3*** Hotels) of the entire tour. Excluded to the price are your flight or rail ticket to Mongolia and restaurant stay of the entire tours. This needs to be paid by every person by themselves. 

If you want to realize another special tour of your imagining, please contact us via Tailer-Made-Travel page, because we can realize all your dreams in Mongolia. To your relief, our travel companions speaks Mongolian, Turkish, German and English.