Mongolia is a different journey and not to be compared with an all-inclusive vacation to Antalya. For example, the weather can change from one day to the other, you can have blowout in the steppe or you will not tolerate the food. All of this and unexpected things could be happen. That’s why we prepare you a FAQ, so please read it carefully.

What should I bring with me?
– You need clothes for different weather conditions.
– Sleeping bag and sleeping mat would be recommended.
– If you bring with you any multimedia devices, please don’t forget your car charger.
– Please check all you needed before you start your trip.
– If you forget to bring something with you, you will possibly only see it available it in Ulan Bator.
– Please calculate your financial costs in Mongolia and think about carrying cash, because you will not have too many possibilities to pay with credit card
– Bring enough cash in € or $ with you, so you can change it in Ulan Bator to Mongolian currency.

What can I eat or drink there?
– You will have plenty of food to eat within the province capital.
– Vegetarian or vegan food is very difficult in Mongolia, but not impossible. Please ask for extra.
– Otherwise, one can find at many camps Mongolian national courts, most of them are dough and meat.
– We will be able to prepare coffee during our travels.
– Within our campsite are 3 meals and drinking water as well as milk tea in travel package. Please note costs for restaurant visits are not part of package.

Where will I sleep?
– We have respect about your privacy and in your stay in Ulan Bator, you will get an apartment with own bathroom for you or together with your family.
– During our journey, we need to share the Yurt with members from the car together. If you wish also privacy here, please ask for extra.
– In worst case, you might be required to camp for a night in a tent, if there will be any unplanned situation from a higher force.

How does it work with the body hygiene?
– You will not have any issues in Ulan Bator in your apartment; there are bathroom and restroom available.
– In the steppe is it a surprise, because there will be used the natural way.
– You don’t need to dispense body hygiene, but in the steppe or in camps you need to reduce your expectations.

Is there a transport from the Airport and inside of our journey?
– We will take you from the airport to your apartment and bring you back again for your return flight, if you book 1 day before and after the tour starts. In deviations, please ask for extra.
– You will join the tour in an off-road car together with other participants, except if you have booked a family tour or private tour.
– The most exclusive places to visit are not easy to reach and need a lot of patience from the participants, because there will be not be many asphalt roads.
– We design the trip to avoid extremely long drives, but sometime we are not able to avoid this.

Privacy and behavior towards nomads
– If you have any questions, please ask your Skipper first, before you do anything on your own beside of Nomads.
– Nomads and the most people of Mongolia have a lot of tradition and you can do something wrong without knowing it.
– Please keep instructions from the skipper if you want to visit a Nomad family yurt or make photos from them.
– Be always respectful, also if something is not usual for you.
– As a tip, small presents are always a nice start for friendly entertainment.
– Please don’t forget, if you visit nomads, you want to see them, not other. Be respectful and polite.

What to do if we have special wishes?
– We have a full plan of our tour, but if you have any additional wishes, please ask for extra timely.

Do I need special vaccinations?
– We would recommend to obtaining this and other information from your Foreign Office which should be available online.
– Nevertheless, we would recommend you to have minimum a hepatitis A and B vaccination.

What about medication?
– Since we will often be in the steppe and the provincial capitals, as well as villages, a pharmacy will not be in the immediate vicinity. It would be advisable to carry your own medication i.e. for pain, fever, diarrhea etc.

How do I book a tour?
– If you have an interest to book a tour, please contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp, so we can help you to assist with this tour.
– If you know the date and how many people want to participate, we will reserve for you this date.
– Before your booking is complete, you need to transfer 30% from the total costs to our bank account in Mongolia.
– This is also the amount which will not be refunded to you if you cancel your trip after booking.
– To avoid financial loss, we would recommend you to make a travel cancellation insurance before you book the trip.
– We also recommend you to make an accident, sickness and return to your homeland insurance, before you book your tour.
– After you reach Ulan Bator, you need to pay the rest of the booking costs cash directly to the organizer when you reach your apartment by the latest.

Visa and Flight booking
– Please check on the internet, if you need a visa for the time of your visit in Mongolia or not.
– Please be aware, a booking of our tour does not include your flight costs to Mongolia, this needs to be paid by you separately.
– You should be looking for your flight date to be one day before start the tour date to reach Ulan Bator and leave again one day after end of the tour.
– If you need to stay longer in Ulan Bator after the end of the tour, please ask for extra.
– In case you come earlier to Ulan Bator to stay of your own initiative, please contact us timely to join your tour.

For all other questions from your side which are not answered, please contact us.