Mongolian nature and wildlife, Adventure Travel Agency, Discovery Travel Agency, Mongolian Travel Agency, Tour MongoliaThat’s Khangai (Batchuluun), my friend and the host from Mongolia Travel Agency and me, Hakan (Haslaman).

Khangai asked me every year to make a journey to Mongolia. It was always my plan to visit this holy land of old cultures and different epochs together with my family.
But it was not easy to manage the trip, because I had a lot of interests to see in this land. However, apart from the impressive steppe, unique landscape and pure beautiful natural country, it was my primary plan to see a lot of historical places of the Hunnu and old Turkic dynasties which is distributed all over this big country.

This caused me a dilemma, how can I manage this trip, where can I find the exact places, where to stay, to have accommodation and catering, where to find help fast and a doctor for family and children in the event of an emergency? All this and more points hold me back from making this big and unique trip to Mongolia.

But Khangai asked first for my route and interests, what I want to see in Mongolia.
So I started the research, what all is left from B.C./A.D. time in Mongolia, because these was to special with deep insight into the countries background, which was not offered from other tourist tour companies. After I collected my visiting points, Khangai started to research the route with GPS co-ordinations and we planned how many days we needed for this tour and what we needed in the worst case scenarios. After the planning was finished, I called this project the AMAROK Expedition Tour. We now had a full daily plan to see all of our interest.

Then we booked our flight to Ulan Bator and came with the family to our accommodation. Khangai was ready with the off road car and our amazing trip was starting very soon. Sure, there were very less roads like in Europe or USA and no highway in this country to find, but this is not needed, because every place is beautiful and offers a lot to visit. Additionally you get an adventure of endless off road driving. :)

At the end, we were able to see every place we were looking for and came very close to natives and nomads, participate in the traditions and ritual and to capture so much new impressions and experience on this tour. We fell in love with this country, its people and culture. The time of 4 weeks we invested was running out really fast.

I realized after finishing my trip that such a tour is nearly impossible to realize by a person themselves because you need very good organization, knowledge, experience and a big passion to fulfill your targets, so you need a Khangai. :)

That’s true, all of this was possible due to Khangai, so a very big thanks to you my friend, that you helped realize my dream!

I asked him if he would be able to share this AMAROK tour also to others, who also want to see more than a default Mongolian sight tour?

He said that if this is your mission, I will do it. One thing that I experience during this unique tour, was a dream for me to see more special places in Mongolia. Possibly such a trip will be made only once in a lifetime, so the costs were not really important, but of course should affordable. I told Khangai, yes, this should be our mission to offer the AMAROK tour to all which have the same interest like me, to see more than a normal Mongolian traveler, to discover the Hunnu, the history of old Turks and different epochs to feel deeper the spirit in this sacred land of Altaic cultures.

Today I’m happy to offer you a unique journey to Mongolia, to give you the chance to make the same positive and unique experience like me and my family, which you will never forget in your life. On top, our historical Tours will be accompanied from Mongol etymology expert Prof. Ichinkhorloo Lkhagvasuren.

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