Winter Palace of the Bogd KhanSo if you are travelling to Mongolia make sure to spend some days in Ulaanbaatar for the aforementioned particularities and all the other things there are to discover. If you take the winter palace of Bogdh Khaan for example, it is an absolute highlight of ancient architecture directly within the city. Unfortunately not all sights are in the center; nonetheless some of the most beautiful are close to Ulaanbaatar. What you can also find close by are a large number of luxurious ger-camps that give you an impression of life in the 13th century. Ger camp 13th centuryOf course they are all made to serve as tourist attractions but everything you see is made with a love for detail and for conveying the high quality of Mongolian craftsmanship and in general the old Mongolian way of life. Another must-see here is also the huge Chinggis Khaan Statue surrounded by untouched nature. It is here where I saw an almost extinct Mongolian dog named Arslan (Bankhar, Baatar, Bars, Baavgai) for the first time. Unfortunately I never saw that kind of dog anywhere else in Mongolia as its population has decreased considerably. I was very disappointed that I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the dog.

Off-Road Offraod Off Road driving in MongoliaUnfortunately it is impossible to reach these areas with public transport since the infrastructure still has its way to go. Without a car and a driver you can’t really get anywhere and you should not rely on train or bus as they will not take you far. You could try to rent a car but it might not work as local rental stations unwillingly rent cars to inexperienced tourists wanting to go off road. You would get a vehicle though at the known international car rental stations but you should keep in mind that the navigation system does not depict all streets and it would be a mistake to have the expectation that we have from a European, American or even Chinese navigation system. The reason for this is that there are only a few asphalt roads connecting the towns and no highways at all. But of course Mongolia is not known for that but especially loved for the off-road experiences it has to offer.

Blue, Mongolia lakes and desertsYou simply have to be willing to engage into an extraordinary adventure that will take you through wide terrains, guide you over lakes, will let you stuck in mud or sand und experience many more unexpected surprises that you would never have thought of. This is Mongolia, a great adventure that you will never forget!