Please be aware:

  • Please check our video, pictures and website information about the offered tours.
  • If you like what you see and what we offer, please check the free date of the tour.
  • After you have interest to participate in a tour and you know which free date are available for you, please contact us with email, phone or WhatsApp.
  • Before you contact us, please read our FAQ and if you have still open questions, you can ask us.
  • When all your questions are answered and you are sure to participate in a tour, you need to transfer 30% advance payment as a deposit of the costs in to our bank account in Mongolia
  • Now you need to check a flight to Ulan Bator, which must be arrived one day before the tour starts and departure one day after end of the tour.
  • The costs are inclusive of your accommodation, catering and transfer one day before and after of the tour.
  • If you want to come few days before or want to stay longer in Ulan Bator after end of the tour, please organize your accommodation, catering and transfer during this time by yourself and participate timely to the tour in the meet point.
  • After you send the deposit, you need to book your flight and transfer the details of your arrival and departure to us. From or experience, we would recommend booking 6 months before your flight ticket to obtain better prices.
  • We would recommend you to take a direct flight to Ulan Bator, because in case of an indirect flight, it can be problem with deliver your luggage timely. Please know, we can’t handle issues with lost luggage, but will support you in case of this situation. The transport costs must be paid separately from your side and varies by distance where you are located in the tour.
  • Please aware, that you immediately need to pay the rest of the open tour amount in cash after reaching your accommodation in Ulan Bator to your tour skipper.
  • We would recommend you to make a travel cancellation insurance before you book the tour, because your 30% deposit will not refund if you cancel the tour after booking and transfer the deposit like following:
    – cancelling a tour up to 30 days before the trip starts: 30% of the amount of the trip will be kept.
    – cancelling a tour up to 7 days before the trip starts: 50% of the amount of the trip will be kept.
    – cancelling a tour up within 7 days of the trio starting: 100% of the amount of the trip will be kept.
  • Please be aware that you book and participate to an adventure journey, so please ask you self, are you are fit for the 2-3 weeks to dispense with your usual comfort.
  • If a tour cannot be realized from our side in case of a force majeure or less participant, we will cancel the tour timely and pay your deposit back in full, but we can’t cover the costs of your flight. There is no insurance from our side against your investigation, because this will increase the costs of the tour which needs to be paid by you. That’s the case, why we extremely recommend you to make travel cancellation insurance. We also extremely recommend you to make an accident, sickness and return to your homeland insurance, before you join the tour.