AMAROK Expedition - Tour A (14 days / ask for price) * AMAROK Expedition - Tour B (21 days / ask for price) *
0 day - Ulaan Bator
- Welcome
- Pick you up from the airport and bring to your apartment

1 day - Ulaan Bator
- Suchbaatar Place and Parliament
- National Museum of Mongolian History
- Gandan Monastery - meet our Lama friend
- Zaisan Memorial

2 day - Gorkchi-Terelj National Park
- Turtle Rock
- Monastery
- Horse riding

3 and 4 day – Erdene Sum
- Eagles
- Tonyukuk Inscription
- Chonjin Boldog
- 13th Century Complex Fotoshooting
- Horse riding
- Shamane ceremony in the night

5 and 6 day - Karakorum
- Kharakhorum Museum
- Erdene zuu Monastery
- Historical Fotoshooting and Eagles
- Monument for Mongol States
- Orkhon Museum/Inscription (Bilge Khagan, Kul Tigin)

7 day - Ulaan Tsutgalan
- Orkhon Waterfall

8 and 9 day - Khotont the Köktürk village
- Participate to the Köktürk Nomads life
- Make Airag – Kumys
- Horse riding and drifting the herd
- Tuvkhun Khiid - showers in medicinal spring water
- Khar balgas - Ordu Baliq

10 day - Tsetserleg Taikhar
- Tsetserleg Rock
- oldest Turk Inscription (unfortunately paint out with graffities)
- Yak riding
- Archery

11 day - Shveet Ulaan
- Balbal and Türk Khan tomb
- Holy temple of 2nd Köktürk dynasty (possibly also tomb from Ilterish Khan)
- Enjoy the landscape (possibly Ötüken).

12 day - Khustain Nuruu National Park
- Takhi, wild ancestral horses
- Ongot Grave (Turkic Empire 552-742 B.C)

13 day - Ulaan Bator
- Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum
- Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs
- Hunnu Mountain
- Shopping

14 day - Ulaan Bator
- Time to say good bye – back to the airport
..additional to A for seven more days:

Elsen Tasarkhai
- Sand Dunes
- Camel riding

Khovsgol Lake
- Visit Dukha Turks

- Uvs Aimag museum
- Visit Khoton, the last Köktürk tribe

Bayan Ölgii
- Visit nomad family with eagles
- Holy Altai mountain

The price set is per person for a shared tour. Shared tour means, that the Off-road car needs to be full with three travelers, which can be without relation to each other. This travelers also share the accommodation. The price includes the basic catering and accommodation of the entire tour. Excluded to the price are your flight to Mongolia and restaurant stay of the entire tours. This needs to be paid by every person by themselves. If you request a private tour or come with the family, ask for special prices. We can also offer a special price, if you participate to the tour with your own 4×4 car.

If you want to realize anohter special tour of your imagining, please contact us, because we can realize all your dreams in Mongolia. To your relief, our travel companions speaks Mongolian, Turkish, German and English.